September in Ethiopia

After months of research, Skype chats, and numerous coffee meetings, we have identified potential sites and partners in Ethiopia and are ready to move into action!

A critical next step to moving our plan to establish a poverty-fighting, high-quality wine industry in Ethiopia into implementation is to conduct a follow up assessment and site selection trip.

In September, Tom, our viticulture consultant from UC Davis, and I plan to travel to Ethiopia to select a site, interview farmers, and determine what resources need to be secured before we can begin land preparation, start planting vines and design the training programs.

Our goal is to collect all the necessary information to devise a comprehensive, long-term plan that will then allow us to target major funders and potential social impact investors.  In order to do that, we need your help!

Goal:  $10,000

We’ve launched our first fundraising campaign to raise $10,000.  While Tom and I are excited to be doing this work on a volunteer-basis, plane tickets to Ethiopia are mighty expensive and we would appreciate your support in helping with our travel expenses.

If you’re in Atlanta, we’d like to celebrate our work with our donors at the Official Launch Party on June 10.  We are very lucky to have our friends at High Road Ice Cream, Steady Hand Pour House, Sugar-Coated Radical, and Worthwhile Wine Company all in one place, providing samples of their amazing ice cream, chocolates, coffee, and wine.  Also, have a chance to win prizes, enter a wine auction, and enjoy music and dance performances all night long.

We’re working on ideas for those of you in other cities, so stay tuned…or let us know if you’re interested in hosting a SPARCdev launch party in your city!

To donate or for more details on our fundraising efforts, please visit


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